The Verde room is decorated in fine green tones. The paintings by Jair Herculano hanging on the wall express the theme of reading. The Louis XV style furniture is in modern tones as well as that of the very designer bathroom with a large "touch sensitive" mirror.
In this room you will sleep in a 180x200cm bed with comfortable bedding and will enjoy an Italian shower when you wake up. The bedroom, located in the 1st floor, faces south and west.

The Roxo room welcomes you in a lobby with exposed stones and a Versailles style chest of drawers topped by a very large mirror with a carved wooden molding. To your right is a bathroom with an Italian shower and a bathtub designed by the French designer STARK. Opposite you is the room in wine-colored tones with paintings by Jair Herculano whose theme is dance. We see 2 Degas and Jair creations. The furniture is inspired by Louis XIV and Louis XV in contemporary colors. The bedroom, located in the 1st floor, faces North and West

The Azul room is a nice mixture of authentic with its visible powders painted in blue gray, its fireplace decorated with an 18th century walnut coat and contemporary with a beautiful blue that illuminates the room thanks to its large windows, a large rectangular glass frame overlooking the bathroom, very modern, a headboard designed by Jair with niches and paintings on the theme of the garden. This room has the particularity of having independent access and a private terrace overlooking the park. The room, located in the 1st floor, faces south and east

The Amarelo bedroom located in the attic is in beige tones. This cozy nest dedicated to Love with its two sculpted characters from Brazil will welcome you with a small living room at the entrance with a clock coffee table and two small padded armchairs. The bedroom is furnished with a wardrobe, a coffee table and very contemporary bedside tables. The bathroom in slate tones completes this modernity. This bedroom is located on the 2nd floor.

The Cinza room takes you to the Amazon with its paintings that decorate it. It has a small living room with a clock coffee table and two armchairs in mouse gray tones reminiscent of the bedroom. The ivory color of the bedroom furniture confirms this harmony. This bedroom is located on the 2nd floor.