The Park of Hauts de Sauliès

Escape to serenity on a nature-filled weekend


The Hauts de Sauliès shelter a magnificent park spanning 1.4 hectares, offering breathtaking natural elegance. This floral and wooded paradise provides welcome freshness during summer days, thanks to the generous canopy of trees. Its spaces are divided into three distinct parts: a floral garden, an area with a pool, and a section dedicated to majestic bamboo.

The floral garden, a true pictorial masterpiece, bursts with vibrant colors and nuances, where flowers nestle among the greenery of the lawn, framed by natural elements such as trees that provide a genuine setting for Jaïr Herculano's sculptures.

We take care to offer a varied floral palette throughout our opening season, from April to November, by planting flowers that bloom regularly, following the rhythm of the seasons. Thus, our guests enjoy the daily freshness of cut flowers throughout the house, including in the rooms.

Within this botanical haven stand century-old trees such as lime, chestnut, cypress, cedar, Provence pine, plane, rowan, ash, acacia, boxwood, and a bamboo forest. This diversity brings harmony to the entire park, where, in spring and summer, bird songs accompany the mornings, while bees pollinate the flowers and crickets enliven our evenings on the terrace.

Autumn transforms the environment into a flamboyant spectacle of orange, yellow, ochre, and red hues, punctuated by the playful appearance of squirrels.

Beyond this exquisite nature, the park becomes an open-air museum, sprinkled with artistic works to discover along the stroll. Our garden awakens all your senses: the artworks delight your sight, the intoxicating scent of flowers tickles your smell, and the bird songs enchant your ears. It's a place to walk, relax on a bench, lounge in a hammock, or meditate in complete serenity.

A stay with us, in this charming guesthouse, offers you the opportunity to immerse yourself in the soothing and invigorating experience provided by the Hauts de Sauliès Park.

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