Breakfast and Evening Meals

Our complete and delightful breakfasts1 are a celebration of local flavors and homemade delights. Accompanied by fresh fruit juices, coffee, and a selection of teas, our selection includes home-baked sourdough bread, tempting pastries, flavorful yogurts, authentic jams, and a savory touch with eggs, cheese, and a selection of outdoor-raised organic Gascon black pig charcuterie available upon request.

We pay special attention to the local sourcing of our ingredients to provide an authentic and diverse experience. Every day, we carefully prepare homemade bread, pastries, yogurts, and fresh fruit salad, adding a touch of freshness and artisanal quality to your meal.

Breakfast service runs from 9:00 am to 10:00 am, allowing you to enjoy this morning feast in our welcoming dining room or on the terrace depending on the weather conditions.

For an authentic culinary experience, we propose dinners in a table d’hôte format, available upon request 7 days in advance and subject to availability. Our commitment to traditional dishes and the use of regional products is at the heart of every meal.

The schedule prepared a week in advance to proceed with the procurement of high-quality fresh products will be sent to you a week before your stay. Several packages will be offered starting at €25 per person.

Depending on availability, we’re delighted to offer a thoughtfully curated selection: a “vigneronne” board for two2 consisting of a selection of outdoor-raised organic Gascon black pig charcuterie, local cheeses, fresh salads, and fruits, accompanied by two glasses of wine, presenting an array of our region’s delights. This choice can be savored in our cozy dining room or on the terrace, weather permitting, upon request 48 hours in advance.

Alternatively, depending on attendance, we offer:

  • A Quercy-style salad and dessert3
  • a complete meal consisting of an appetizer, a main course, and a dessert4
  • a barbecue option5 available when the weather permits, featuring grilled organic Gascon black pork or free-range Aberdeen-Angus beef, a variety of salads and raw vegetables, and a dessert.

Each dish is crafted with fresh, local ingredients, showcasing the richness and culinary tradition of our region. All our products come from traditional and locally sustainable agriculture that meets the highest quality criteria (organic free-range Gascon black pork, free-range Aberdeen-Angus, free-range lambs, free-range fatty ducks, organic aromatic flowers and plants, organic saffron, …).

These table d’hôte dinners are an opportunity to savor passionately prepared dishes, where regional flavors intertwine to offer an authentic and memorable gastronomic experience.

  1. Included in room price ↩︎
  2. Including one glass of wine per person, the price is 40€ for 2 people ↩︎
  3. 25€ par person, including a homemade aperitif, beverages not included ↩︎
  4. Starting from 30€ per person, including a homemade aperitif, beverages not included ↩︎
  5. 30€ per person, including a homemade aperitif, beverages not included ↩︎